For Rosanatale the wine is made in the vineyard;
the vineyard in which we are present on a daily basis, to grasp and interpret the voice of the soil and the vine.

Taking care of the soil where we grow the vines is taking care of our home.

RWho we are

It is from the soil
that our prosecco is born

The soil of those hills, where our vines grow, is the added value of our wines.

Taking care of the vines on the “rive” (dialect term used for the vineyards located on the steep, almost vertical sides of the hills in this historical area of Prosecco) demands effort, dedication and passion because here all work is still done by hand thanks to our grandparents’ experience and the commitment of the youngest.

And every year in September when the time of the harvest comes, it is always a new emotion because every year is different from the previous one.

Our steady and unshakeable passion is in every uncorked bottle together with our enthusiasm, our experience and the soul of our soil.


Your home.

If we were to say what Prosecco is, we would say that for us Prosecco is home.

It is the hands of the people who come to visit us; hands that shake ours for a greeting, hands that raise a glass, hands that create a homey environment.

Rosanatale, your home.

There is no better feeling than feeling at home