A number.
Just a number.

In every bottle there is our work, our enthusiasm, our experience and above all our soil.
And it is precisely our soil that we depict in our labels.
With three simple figures. Each type of wine carries the Pantone code that is more closely linked to the shades of colour of our vineyards’ soil. Take a handful of it in your hand and smell it. It will amaze you and reveal to you different nuances from slope to slope, from vineyard to vineyard.
It is precisely the colours that best represent our wines’ diversity and uniqueness.

ROur wines

Rive di Colbertaldo


This sparkling wine is produced from the selection of grapes cultivated on the Rive of Colbertaldo. The “rive” are steep hills where all work is still done by hand thanks to our grandparents’ experience and the commitment of the youngest.
Pleasantly floral sparkling wine which emanates a persistent freshness.

The wine for the great occasions.
Its features make it perfect to accompany dishes with delicate tastes such as fish, shellfish or vegetable dishes.
For the most curious to try with white meats.

ROur wines



This product is obtained from the grapes which come from the classical area of Valdobbiadene DOCG.
Excellent expression of Prosecco.
Harmonious sparkling wine, balanced between the strong freshness and the enveloping softness.
It is proposed in the Extra dry version.

To taste with light first courses or refined risottos. It also makes an excellent aperitif.
To try in combination with cheeses with a delicate taste.

ROur wines

Prosecco di Treviso


This wine is simple and immediate and it is produced with the grapes grown at the foot of the hills of Colbertaldo.
Sparkling wine that conquers with its enveloping and soft notes.

Its lightheartedness makes it suitable for all moments of the day, ideal for aperitifs combined with all kinds of appetizers.

ROur wines

Acini di casa
Sparkling wine

It is the wine of tradition and it is bottled in springtime.
In the bubbles of Acini di Casa there is the serene look of our grandparents, the flavour reveals the tenacity, the experience and sometimes the toughness of the people who have lived through difficult times and have learnt from difficult lessons.

It goes well with strong and tasty dishes such as the “pane e sopressa” of peasant tradition.
To try absolutely with the spit of Treviso.

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